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Introducing the Bookishbunny All-Purpose Collection Craft Braided Cotton Rope – a versatile and stylish addition to your creative toolkit!

**Elevate Your Craft with Exceptional Features:**

**2 Pack Bookishbunny All-Purpose Collection Craft Braided Cotton Rope:**

- **Length:** Each rope spans an impressive 32 feet (10m), providing a generous 64 feet in total for the pack of two.

- **Thickness:** A substantial 8mm thickness ensures durability and resilience.

- **Freedom Unleashed:** Enjoy super-long lengths that offer limitless possibilities for various applications.

- **Customizable Ends:** Easily cut the ends to achieve the perfect tie for any binding requirement.

- **Friendly Material:** Crafted from a durable and firm cotton silk blend, delivering both quality and comfort.

- **Versatile Aesthetic:** Enhance your wrapped presents with an extra touch of sophistication.

- **Skin-Friendly:** Soft and comfortable, the cotton silk blend is gentle on the skin and resistant to fading.

- **Safety First:** The rope is designed to avoid burning or chafing the skin, ensuring a worry-free experience.

- **No-Slip Assurance:** The braided rope boasts a no-slip feature, allowing for tight ties with a subtle stretch.

- **Knot Mastery:** Holds knots securely, making it perfect for various creative endeavors.

**2-Pack Pink Ropes – A Total of 64 Feet:**

- Elevate your projects with the delightful touch of two pink ropes, totaling an impressive 64 feet.

**Multi-Functional Wonder:**

- This versatile rope is your ideal companion for camping, luggage tying, bedroom fantasies, DIY crafts, cat rope toys, games, sewing, craft projects, and wrapping around tool hilts.


- **Brand:** Bookishbunny – Your trusted source for quality craft essentials.

- **Color:** Pink – Adding a vibrant and chic element to your creations.

- **Manufacturer:** Bookishbunny – Ensuring excellence in every strand.

Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and comfort with the Bookishbunny All-Purpose Collection Craft Braided Cotton Rope. Unleash your creativity with confidence!

2 Pack All Purpose Collection Craft Braided Cotton Rope 32 ft Each

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