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            The chocolate box is 18cm*10cm in size. 
its gross weight is 300gr .
Net 150gr-175gr.

Decorated by hand and from the finest Belgian chocolate producer. A batch for only your order with our own recipes which bestow the smoothest chocolate sensation for your tasting.

Our lettered chocolates, carefully prepared using, are milk chocolate and our other chocolates in the box are filled chocolates. Caramel, pistachio, hazelnut and fruit flavors are used in our filled chocolates. Our fruit flavors; Strawberry, lemon, orange, black mulberry, apple, peach, red fruit, melon, banana, blueberry etc.

Our workshop has official production and hygiene certificates and production is carried out in an environment in accordance with hygiene and health rules. supervised by authorized institutions.

Note: In order to ensure fast delivery, there may be some visual differences in color and variety in the products depending on the order density on special days.

Very important information: if your air temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees), please add a cold bag to your order to ensure safe shipping.

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