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Polysecure and the Polysecure Workbook by Jessica Fern extends attachment theory into the realm of consensual nonmonogamy. 

In Polysecure, she expands our understanding of how emotional experiences can influence our relationships and sets out six specific strategies to help you move toward secure attachments in your multiple relationships. 

The Polysecure Workbook builds on this basis with practical exercises to encourage contemplation of your attachment style and create more secure relationships. This is a bundle of two books: Polysecure and The Polysecure Workbook.

Specifications English

Language: English
Publisher: Thornapple Press
Book Format: Paperback
Original Languages: English
Number of Pages: 288
Author: Jessica Fern
Title: Polysecure and The Polysecure Workbook (Bundle)
ISBN-13: 9781990869365
Publication Date: November, 2022
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.00 x 5.25 x 1.30 Inches
ISBN-10: 199086936X

Polysecure and The Polysecure Workbook (Bundle) (Paperback)

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