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"The Red Gemstone Kegel Exercise Egg boasts a unique egg-shaped design crafted from jade, an ancient Chinese invention attributed to palace workers. Recognized for its numerous health benefits, jade is known to promote vitality. In ancient times, women using jade eggs experienced enhanced vaginal health, radiance, and youthfulness.

These eggs serve as a powerful tool for women seeking to strengthen their vaginal muscles. The practice, rooted in ancient Chinese traditions, involves inserting the jade egg into the vagina. As the egg moves, the user can feel the muscles engaging, gradually enhancing tightness and resilience, akin to that of a young girl.

Functions of the Jade Egg include:

  1. Pelvic and vaginal health improvement
  2. Heightened awareness and control of vaginal muscles
  3. Awakening creative energy, passion, and libido
  4. Mastery over perineum and pelvic floor muscles
  5. Pleasure enhancement for both partners, aiding in ejaculation control
  6. Emotional harmony and healing in intimacy and sexuality
  7. Alleviation of PMS, menstrual cramps, and breast discomfort
  8. Menopausal symptom reduction through increased lubrication and balanced estrogen levels
  9. Support in overcoming traumatic experiences of sexual abuse.

Regular practice, involving movement and engagement of the vaginal muscles, leads to a gradual improvement in tightness, promoting overall well-being

Product :

Red Gemstone Kegel Exercise Egg Shaped Stone, Jade Kegel Eggs Exercise


Red Aventurine






Women Kegel Exercise

Red Gemstone Kegel Exercise Egg Shaped Stone | Jade Kegel Eggs | Exercise

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