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            Looking for a hilarious and unique prank gift to make someone laugh in your life?? Our handmade gummy penises are made and packaged right here in San Diego and Ship within ONE business day.  Here's how to get your absolute best experience:

Step 1: Order 1,2,3, or ten bags of dicks

Step 2: Personalize the "package" with a custom note that will be included in the shipping box

Step 3: We will mail directly to you or your friends anonymous from our warehouse in New Jersey

Step 4: Enjoy the delicious, organic and handmade gummy dicks at your next event, birthday or just to make someone's day

It's the perfect gag gift for a friend, sibling, ex, co-worker, boss, or even your parents!

This prank is guaranteed to raise eyebrows, make cheeks turn red, and have everyone in on the joke hooting with laughter. Plus, we never include an invoice or packing slip, so you can prank with peace of mind.

Want to see more hilarious prank ideas? Check out our Etsy store for more embarrassing and funny pranks. And remember, we only recommend pranking friends and family who have a good sense of humor and won't be upset by the joke.

So, what are you waiting for? go tell someone to EAT A BAG OF DICKS :)))

Dick Gummies! Eat a Bag of Dicks - half pound bag of dicks for a tasty prank or

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