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Join Our Affiliate Program & Promote Sexual Equality

Are you passionate about promoting sexual equality and empowerment?


Do you believe in creating a world where everyone has equal rights and opportunities in matters of love, intimacy, and relationships?


If so, we invite you to become part of our affiliate program and join us in spreading awareness and advocating for positive change.

How It Works:

1. Get Started: If you share our vision of sexual equality and have a website or platform where you engage with your audience, reach out to us to request Wandering Pleasures banner & click the link above to access to our affiliate portal.

2. Register and Login: Register and create your account. This will grant you access to your unique referral link.


3. Embed Your Link: Take the unique referral link provided to you and embed it within the Wandering Pleasures banner on your website. This banner will serve as a gateway for your followers to visit our store.


4. Earn Commissions: Every time one of your followers clicks on the banner with your referral link and makes a purchase on our store, you'll receive a 10% commission for the sale. Your efforts directly contribute to promoting sexual equality and supporting our cause.


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