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For the BREAST dinner party your guests have seen, serve them on a unique and fun charBOOBerie board! This unique charcuterie board is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers and random get togethers where you feel like serving your guests food on wooden boobs! The details on the charBOOBerie board are engraved using a CNC machine.


This Dolly Parton bust-sized charBOOBerie board is 16.5" wide, 8.5" tall, .75" thick, made out of pine or oak wood.

If you’re in the market for an even bigger bust size, I can do a custom size just for you! Just message me and we can discuss size and price options.


His & Her COCKuterie & charBOOBerie Board Combo: Includes a pine 21" shaft COCKuterie board and a pine 16.5" bust charBOOBerie board for the person His & Her party!


We offer the charBOOBerie boards in two types of wood, depending on what it’s going to be used for and your budget. Pine is a softer, less expensive wood so if this charBOOBerie board is for decorative purposes and won’t be used for actual slicing and dicing, go with pine. You can still serve food on pine, it’s just a softer wood, so knives will indent the wood.

We also offer oak, which is a hard wood. This is a better quality wood and allows you to chop on the charBOOBerie board. You can serve food and drinks on both types of wood.

All boards are sealed with Tung Oil, a food safe oil.


Since we do use natural wood, grain, knots and bumps will vary slightly from tray to tray. This only adds to the character and beauty of the Cockuterie Board! This gift is one of a kind! Cutting boards may be wiped with slightly damp cloth. As with any wood surface, do not submerge in water. It may soak up water and potentially leave stains if not cared for correctly. Never place a wood cutting board in the dishwasher.

Failure to follow maintenance guidelines may cause damage to the wood. Boards that are not taken care per our instructions are not available for return or refund.


Allow 3-5 days for shipping. All boards are shipped USPS. Overnight or rush shipping is not available. All boards are shipped with a twine wrapped around the board.


If you are shipping a gift directly to the recipient, please leave a note for them at checkout as well. This note will be included in the package. Make sure the shipping name and address is correct if shipping directly to the gift recipient.

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CharBOOBerie Board-- Bachelor Bachelorette Parties, His & Her Party, Gag Gifts

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