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            These Glow In The Dark Dickasaurus Rex models are finely 3D printed to have the best looking quality possible. These make for fantastic Gag Gifts, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party gifts! 

Magic Glow Rainbow has a base color of white/transparent but glow Magic Rainbow in the Dark.
Midnight Star Glow has a Smokey Black Base color and in the Dark the Blue Stars come Alive!
Glow in the Dark Green and Blue Base color is White/Off white and Glows the specified color. Glow in the Dark Orange has a base color of Orange.

Pictures are taken after all Dino Models had been "Charged" under direct sunlight for 10 minutes before placing directly in a Dark Room for pictures.

These come in ALL sizes From 1 to 12 Inches! 12 inch is a Monster!

1 Inch Dinos Come in Pack of 12 Dinos!

Glow In The Dark! Dino-Dick Dickasaurus Rex Bachelorette Party Gift Funny Prank

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