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Sometimes, you just need to cast a spell on that special appendage, and our bewitching collection is here to elevate your mystical rituals. Following the success of our petite glittery cocks, we've decided to enchant you further with a grander model, catering to the desires of our size queens.Each of these enchanting creations is meticulously handpoured to order, allowing you to choose from a spectrum of colors. To add a touch of allure and accentuate the intricate details, we delicately paint these majestic pieces.🌈 Versatile Spellcasting:Perfect for an array of spells encompassing love, attraction, lust, domination, fidelity, control, hexing, or binding, these magical phallic candles offer a unique and potent addition to your mystical endeavors.✨ Customization at Your Fingertips:Tailor the color of your magical tool to your liking! Our candles are available in any color you desire, ensuring a personalized touch for your mystical practices.Delve into the World of Colors: A Brief Guide to Penis Candle Meanings🤍 White: Cleanse that dick🖤 Black: Hex, banish, bind that dick🤎 Brown: Keep that dick stable❤️ Red: Attract that dick💖 Pink: Romance that dick🧡 Orange: Transform that dick💛 Yellow: Smart dick💚 Green: Rich dick💙 Blue: Peaceful dick💜 Purple: Psychic dick

handmade 5" penis candles available in any color! Male genitalia candles for lo

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